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Focus GmbH participate the 24th Beijing Essen welding and cutting Fair

Focus GmbH had participated the 24th Beijing Essen welding and cutting Fair during 25-28 June, 2019 at Shanghai, BE-instruments assisted. A lot of welding workpiece had been shown at the booth, which are focusing on the application fields like Sensors, Medical equipment and instruments, Automatics and so on.

Focus had shown the MEBW-60 E-beam welding machine series, includes MEBW-60 Compact, MEBW-60 L8, MEBW-60 L95 and MEBW-60 L135, based on the MEBW-60 series, linear movement of the E-gun and modular multi-drum workpiece holder are integrated。

LaVa Laser weldir in Vacuum attracts a lot of customers, which gives perfect advantage to the laser welding by combining Laser and Vacuum together. LaVa series are also compatible with MEBW-60 series, which gives customers versatile function of the welding platform。



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