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EUV OEM component

  • EUV/XUV light source
  • EUV/XUV light source
  • EUV/XUV light source
  • EUV/XUV light source
  • EUV/XUV light source
EUV/XUV light sourceEUV/XUV light sourceEUV/XUV light sourceEUV/XUV light sourceEUV/XUV light source

EUV/XUV light source

  • Turkey system
  • Automation control
  • PLC safety control
  • High uptime
  • Product description: EUV/XUV light source

Research Instruments GmbH (RI) is a majority owned subsidiary of Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Bruker Corporation and was established in 2009. RI has long experience in building and working with Advanced Technologies (UH Vacuum, Ultra-clean, Nano-positioning in Vacuum, EUV sources, optics, and integration Discharges, Analytics, Spectroscopy).

RI's competence in soft-x-ray, XUV & EUV lab solutions is on plasma based radiation sources integrated in systems with ultra-high and ultra-clean vacuum and optical and fine mechanical components.

We not only supply turnkey tools, but also supply EUV related OEM parts, such as, EUV inband distribution CCD camera, EUV spectra monitor, EUV focus unit, EUV energy monitor.

EUV sources mainly includes laser produced plasma sources (LPP) and discharge produced plasma sources (DPP).

Product selection:

EUV Lamp DPP, standard

Xenon or air emission spectra

Xe: ≥ 2 W EUV

≥ 150 mW EUV inband

≥ 2000 h operation MTBF

24 / 7 operation

EUV Lamp DPP, power

Xe: ≥ 8 W EUV

≥ 700 mW EUV inband

≥ 500 h operation MTBF

Burst (up to 1 hour) permanent operation

EUV LPP, metrology

≥ 5 mW EUV emission

gold quasi-continuum spectra

< 50 μm source diameter

EUV-Irrad Source, Standard

Xe: ≥ 250 W EUV

≥ 20 W EUV inband

or N2 water window (2.4 -4.4 nm) emission

EUV-Irrad Source, Power

Few minute bursts of

Xe ≥ 500 W EUV

≥ 40 W EUV inband @ 13.5 nm

EUV-Brightness LPP (concept)

Source size down to 20 μm

Inband brightness ≥ 200 W/(mm2 sr)

Top head high brightness profile


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